Sociedad Española de Antropología Física

Bologna, May 17-19, 2010.

The course will be held at the EuroMediterranean University Centre of Ronzano, (Bologna- Italy) and it will provide detailed information on the tools useful for the study of human genomic evolution High-throughput, large scale genotyping, using both microarrys and massive sequencing to survey both SNPs and CNV will bring increasing power to studies of genomic diversity in the near future.

Bioinformatics is an essential tool in studies of human genomic evolution. Workshops will show how bioinformatic tools can be used to analyse SNP and CNV diversity within an evolutionary framework.

The course will be of interest to researchers, graduate students and post-docs interested in genome biology and human biological and cultural evolution. It will also provide a rapid exposure to the "state of the art" for investigators contemplating studies, or the utilization of tools, in this and other fields, like linguistics.

Directors: D. Luiselli ( Bologna, Italy), D. Pettener (Bologna, Italy), M. Rocchi (Bari, Italy), R. Stanyon ( Florence, Italy).

Faculty: G. Barbujani (Ferrara, Italy), F. Calafell (Barcerlona, Spain), L.L. Cavalli Sforza (Stanford, UK), C. Guardiano (Reggio Emilia, Italy), J. Krause (Leipzig, Germany), P. Longobardi (Trieste, Italy), D. Pettener (Bologna, Italy), A. Qasim (Cambridge, UK), M. Rocchi (Bari, Italy), R. Stanyon (Florence, Italy), M. Stoneking (Leipzig, Germany),C. Tyler-Smith (Cambridge, UK), S. Wells (Cornell, USA).

Registration fee: 500 ( + vat 20%) including accommodation in double room, tuition, lunches, coffee breaks and shuttle bus.

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